Innovative French sandwich system perfect for food outlets


An innovative French sandwich system that has turned the humble sandwich into a sculptural masterpiece is now available in New Zealand.

The Croust'wich System (Croust means Crust in French) cleverly displays an appetising range of sandwich fillings while keeping them separate from the bread choices. The two only get together (in seconds) when the customer makes his choice - romance French-style ! By offering a variety of delicious fillings and a range of breads customers are spoiled for choice. And say au revoir to the days of soggy and chilled bread!

Fillings can be made up to 24 hours in advance and look spectacular when displayed in their refrigerated cabinets. The system allows for a variety of breads to be offered ranging from petit baguettes to wraps and sliced bread. Salad-only, hot and sweet desert options have also been developed to cater for all tastes.

Advantages for licensees who adopt the Croust'wich system include faster production, lower wage and ingredient costs, almost zero wastage, increased early morning and late afternoon sales as well as greater through-put during busy times.

The system was first spotted by the NZ Distributor Bruce Ingram during a trip to IBA, the international baking fair in Germany in 2012. "At that time 180 were installed in France but that has grown to over 1000 in the past 18 months as the Croust'wich concept is perfect for cafes, bakeries, hospitals, university cafeterias - anywhere that serves 50 or more sandwiches a day" says Mr Ingram.

The Croust'wich system is sold as a license plus equipment and is not a franchise. See the system at Fine Food New Zealand 2014 or contact the distributor.


For more details or photos please contact:
Bruce Ingram
Phone: 07-575 9730 or 021 730 705