Auckland 2023

25-27 Jun, Sun–Tue 10am–5pm, Auckland Showgrounds

New Product Showcase

Avatar Manuka Honey Elixir   Avatar Honey - M8

Lemon and Mixed Berry Flavour - a carbonated beverage made with pure NZ monofloral MGO500+ manuka honey, lemon juice and a blend of essential vitamins & caffeine.

Dumplings   Baolicious - P1

New Zealand's leading restaurant quality frozen Asian dumplings, steamed buns and bao in traditional white or with a pop of colour for that unexepected WOW factor.

Beach Booch - BC12

Delicious, dry, gluten-free and organic hard (alcoholic) kombucha. Double fermented and naturally brewed to 5% ABV with no added nasties our smooth kombucha offers the conscious consumer a kinder alternative and better-for-you alcoholic choice.

Fizzliss - TL12

When life hands you lemons but Fizzliss has made a drink this sweet, what is there really to be sour about? Old Fashioned Lemonade - just like you made it back in the day (but with booze, so it's better). Non-carbonated (no fizz), natural ingredients, 31 calories per 100mL, 0.1% sugar.

Meiko - F30

The M-iClean H pass through dishwasher is the ultimate benchmark for user-friendly, ergonomic operation, cleanliness, and efficiency. It offers a new world of ergonomic dishwashing, giving you the best results all round, with shorter cycle times, faster drying, and lower staff costs.

Merchant of Venison Limited - A40

Sous Vide Smoked Farmed Venison Ribs - Ready to heat and eat.

Moffat - F4

Moffat Group understands requirements when it comes to cooking and savings. Why not customise your design with the future of premium cooking with Electric – induction and sealed electric hob cooking.

Newflands - #Q16

Do you want to share a yummy treat with your furbaby? Fear not Newflands has the answer #shareable ice cream in 2 flavours! Peanut Butter and Banana and Apple and Pumpkin get yours today at our stand Q16 then get your clients hooked, also available in take home packs.

Onetai Dulce de Leche  Onetai - K29

Onetai Dulce de Leche. A simple and delicious spread that will captivate your senses. Spread it, Top it, Drink it!

Rude Health Coffee - J12

Fair Trade, Organic, Premium Coffee sourced from East Africa, enhanced with natural Nootropics to reduce the negative side effects of caffeine, like Anxiety, Jitters, Insomnia and Energy Crash, while also enhancing Mental Clarity and decreasing Brain Fog.

The Damn Good Food Company - N4

Our plant-based frozen dessert slices are, dairy-free, cane-sugar-free and gluten-free. Lovingly hand crafted in our Taupo-based factory, they are made from nuts and fruit - Superfood goodness without the nasty stuff.

Vitaewater - J6 

Vitaewater is pure NZ spring water infused with natural nootropics L-theanine and Caffeine, just like you would find in a cup of green tea. Our unique, research-led dose of L-theanine and Caffeine, provides a balanced boost of calm, energy and focus to help you power through your day without the jitters, anxiety or crashes you might experience from highly caffeinated or sweetened drinks. One bottle of Vitaewater packs the brain boosting L-theanine power of 10 x cups of green tea and the Caffeine of 1 x cup of green tea. Vitaewater is bottled in recycled glass and contains zero sugar, sweetener, preservatives, or salts, and just 1 calorie per serve, making it a healthy and sustainable choice for everyday use.  Vitaewater is designed to help you Feel Good + Do Better everyday, so you’re ready to take on the world!

70g Potato Gratin   Wild Chef - K31

Made with freshly sliced NZ Agria potatoes, cream and a hint of garlic. This pre-portioned mini Gratin is an elegant square size for any meal.

Dmaiz   Salsaroha - R1

Dmaiz, a sub-brand of Salsaroha, brings an authentic experience for Mexican Totopos (corn chips) and tortilla shells. Tortilla is designed to not break when folded (used for tacos) and the corn chips to enhance the natural flavour of the corn chips without extra additives. A more natural approach with an unmatched quality for our niche. Mexico cousin brought to you with only these two products.

Caramel Filling – Vegan   Barker's Professional - K20

A delicious caramel filling that is made using coconut cream so that it is not only vegan but also gluten free, dairy free and halal suitable.

Custard Style Crème’s    Barker's Professional - K20

Dairy Free Custard Crème’s in three different flavours, use wherever you would normally use Custard or Cream as a Dairy Free alternative, also Gluten Free.

Frozen Cooked Rock Lobster   Hero Foods - M34

Savour the ultimate feast as the sea and culinary excellence harmonize. Our Chef's Choice Frozen Cooked Rock Lobster tantalizes taste buds, delivering irresistible flavour and a memorable dining experience.

Host - Kiosk and Ordering - H38

Brand-conscious kiosks are growing revenue for everyday cafes and fast-food restaurants. Discover more at our H38 Host stand and see how it works for a retail coffee setting.

TrendCup by NaturalPak   Bee Dee Bags - C17

Discover our beautiful and unique TrendCups range, inspired by New Zealand culture. Available in three sizes in single and double wall. Call our team 0800 232 710 for more information.

Sidekick Soda - J11

Sidekick Soda is a boost for everyday heroes, like you! Packed with flavour and made from real fruit, Kiwi honey, organic apple cider vinegar and no villainous additives

Cold Pressed Hemp Heart Oil    The Hemp Butter Co - Q2

Our Cold Pressed Hemp Heart Oil has a natural source of nutrients and essential fatty acids to support a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Light, nutty and smooth.

Maple Butter   Bretelles by Sweet Controversy - Q2

Soft spreadable maple butter, made from 100% pure Canadian maple syrup. A natural, vegan alternative to honey. Bake, swirl or just spread on toast for a sweet twist to breakfast.

Maple Syrup   Bretelles by Sweet Controversy - Q2

Three versatile grades of 100% pure Canadian maple syrup; delicate Golden Maple Syrup, rich Amber Maple Syrup, and decadent Dark Maple Syrup.

Maple Sugar    Bretelles by Sweet Controversy - Q2

Perfect for sweetening up your seasonings, desserts or adding to your morning coffee.

Gorgonzola & Fig Artisan Pizza    Yumplicity Food Group - S5

Indulge in irresistible salty, sweet and creamy flavours perfectly complemented by Italian mozzarella in our Gorgonzola and Fig Artisan Pizza. Handcrafted in Naples, Italy.

Sophisticated Margherita Artisan Pizza   Yumplicity Food Group - S5

Nothing beats classics that you know and love, and the delicious simplicity of our Margherita never disappoints. Handcrafted in Naples and topped with San Marzano tomatoes and Italian mozzarella.

White Truffle Mushroom Artisan Pizza   Yumplicity Food Group - S5

Enjoy rich, earthy and creamy flavours in every inch of our White Truffle Mushroom Artisan Pizza, topped with aromatic Italian white truffle and fresh mushrooms and handcrafted in Naples, Italy.

Aubergine Buffalo Ricotta Artisan Pizza   Yumplicity Food Group - S5

Enjoy the delicious mediterranean flavours of aubergine and creamy finish of buffalo ricotta in this perfectly balanced artisan pizza. Handcrafted in Naples, Italy.

Savour Vegan Creamery - P9

New Zealand’s award winning, plant-based, cultured cashew cheeses and butter. Rich in probiotics and protein. Premium artisan products made with premium natural ingredients for an epicurean taste experience. Available in food service sizes.