Auckland 2023

25-27 Jun, Sun–Tue 10am–5pm, Auckland Showgrounds

The Good Oil

During late spring and summer, crop fields in the South Island come to life with the golden flowers of premium 'high oleic' rapeseed and sunflower. We cold-press the precious oil’s from the seed. No chemicals. No heat. The oils retain their fresh cold pressed flavours and high nutritional qualities.

Produced from High Oleic Low Linolenic (HOLL) oilseed, the Good Oil provides a unique, beneficial balance of fats
- Low in saturated fat, 50% less than olive oil
- High in stable, healthy monounsaturated fat.

The Good Oil's fat content along with freshness and quality provide heat stability and a high smoke point, ideal oil for frying, roasting and baking. The deliciously golden colour, fresh cold pressed flavour and delicate aroma make it a natural choice for dips, dressings and salads.

Available in a 500ml bottle through to 1000l Pods.

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