Auckland 2023

25-27 Jun, Sun–Tue 10am–5pm, Auckland Showgrounds

Seminar Series

The Seminar Series will return to Fine Food New Zealand in 2023, hosting a range of world class seminars on topics relevant to you and your business. A full schedule of seminars will be available closer to the event.


Sunday 25 June

Solving the space problem through architecture, design and technology – (the final frontier)

How modern technology such as 3D scanning, augmented and virtual reality can be partnered with architectural and design expertise to solve the problem of flow and limited space. Showcasing how Chefs can be immersed in the design of their space from the very start.


Rules around Importing Food are changing: Come and find out if this affects you…

New rules for food importers are coming. If you import food, drinks or ingredients for manufacture or sale, there are new rules you’ll need to meet from 1 August. Come along and learn what these changes are and what you’ll need to do to:

- Assess and confirm that food is safe and suitable before it arrives in New Zealand

- Keep food safe during storage and transportation

- Recall food if it is unsafe or unsuitable, or becomes unsafe or unsuitable

- Maintain good records.


Upcycled Food: Giving surplus food a purpose.

Upcycling is the first consumer product-based solution to reduce food waste and the global upcycled food products market size was valued at $53.7 billion (US) in 2021 and is projected to reach $97 (US) billion by 2031. Every business and consumer in New Zealand can participate in a solution for a better, more sustainable food system and food future via the products they make and buy. What is Upcycled Food? Why is it important? What are the opportunities? (Case studies) How do you make it happen?


Healthy Hospo: Building a happier, healthier hospitality Industry

Hospitality is a vibrant, fast-paced and creative industry. Unfortunately however, the industry also faces many unique challenges around physical and mental health. Since 2020, Healthy Hospo has been striving to embed wellbeing into the fabric of hospitality in New Zealand. In this 45 minute session, you'll be given the opportunity to learn about our mahi, how it can apply to you and experience a small taster of one of our workshops.


The science of food, how to take your product from kitchen to retail?

The presentation will focus on real-life examples of how Food Scientists can help chefs or caterers to take their delicious products from the kitchen benchtop to a factory. It will focus on all aspects of Food Science, including improving product nutritional properties, stability through supply chain, sensory testing, resilience to freezing and other processes, scaling up from a benchtop to mass production and commercial packaging, including labelling. This is a must for anyone considering taking a product to a retail environment.


Unlock your growth potential – How to raise a million dollars for your food company

Tune in to this presentation to take away the recipe for scaling your food company by raising investment. In today’s challenging environment, getting ahead and stepping up a gear has never been more relevant. We’ll uncover the process, key ingredients required, strategies and tips necessary to secure investment in your food business. Case studies and best practices will be shared to help you tailor your ideal recipe for investment success. Discover how to unlock your food business’s growth potential and attract investment.



Tuesday 27 June

How to get your products into Countdown

In this seminar join Countdown to gain some insights into the New Zealand market, key considerations for product innovation and Countdown key focuses.


Get ahead, stay ahead: How IP is critical to competitive advantage in your business

In a competitive market, it’s critical that you use all the IP tools available to get ahead of the game. So whether you’re local or international, what can you do to get – and stay – ahead of the competition? In his presentation, Ben will discuss:

  • How creative thinking from the start can get you ahead (a recipe for success);
  • How ongoing creative thinking can keep you ahead (a recipe for continued success); and
  • The dangers of ignoring the power of IP (a recipe for disaster)



Discover the secrets to sourcing international talent for your NZ hospo business!

Join our exclusive Q&A session with industry experts Josiah Taurua and Zinny Cheng as they discuss real-world questions and insights on navigating the immigration visa process for overseas workers. Learn essential tips on finding skilled professionals eager to migrate to New Zealand and the obligations you face as a hospo owner. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your hospitality sector success.


Changes to the rules about food that might affect you!

If you’re a food business, there are a number of changes on the way. Come along and hear New Zealand Food Safety’s update about: changes you need to make to meet Plain English Allergen Labelling requirements the introduction of a requirement to conduct regular mock food recalls amendments to our Simply Safe and Suitable template Food Control Plan folic acid fortification of flour for breadmaking. We’ll explain how these might affect you, what you need to do to comply and when you need to do it.


Navigating the digital landscape: how to build and manage your brand's online reputation

Join us for a dynamic presentation on how to build and manage your business's online reputation and digital footprint. Learn how to leverage social media, monitor online feedback, and measure success to take your business to the next level. Discover actionable steps to improve your online presence and connect with your customers in the digital age. Don't miss out on this opportunity to thrive in the highly competitive food industry!


How prepared are you for the sustainability landscape ahead?

Imagine one of your largest customers asks you about your business’s carbon footprint or ESG strategy – and what progress has been made. Do you have an answer for them? If you answered no, the good news is that you have now identified a way to better future-proof your business and help NZ reduce its emissions. The bad news is that you are already on the backfoot. Government legislation and stakeholder expectations are changing the landscape of sustainability in NZ and businesses (whether large or small) need to be stepping up their efforts to remain resilient – and relevant – in the face of these expectations.


Hospo Fair Pay Agreement: What it means for employees and employers

The Hospitality Fair Pay Agreement has now been approved by MBIE. This places new legal obligations on employers. There has been some confusion and misinformation around FPA’s. This presentation is an opportunity to hear from the initiating union and the Restaurant Association who will be one of the negotiating parties for employers’. Take the opportunity to be briefed on your obligations, expectations, timelines and how to get involved and ensure you have your say. This is for employers and employees.