Auckland 2023

25-27 Jun, Sun–Tue 10am–5pm, Auckland Showgrounds

Liquid Alliance Masterclasses

New in 2023, are the Liquid Alliance Workshops showcasing how to creatively use liquor in your bar or restaurant. From guided local wine tastings to being transported to Italy for Aperitivo cocktail classes, this is your chance to upskill your liquor knowledge.


Sunday 25 June


You may have heard a little bit about a beer style called IPA, but what is an IPA?
The term ‘IPA’ has become increasingly confusing and spurs much great debate. Simply put, IPAs are amazingly compelling and so much fun to drink. Join Greg and Kurt as guides on a liquid tour through the history of IPA’s and the diverse range of styles under the IPA umbrella, tasting some of those varied styles, from Emerson’s, along the way. Enjoy the journey and please, don’t take it too seriously, it’s just beer ….


New Zealand Wine Regions - Chardonnay Masterclass

Take a tour of New Zealand wine regions with Villa Maria - taste through a range of Chardonnay's from different regions and hear from our Winemaker about the nuances each region has on the wines, using Chardonnay as a comparison across the sites. Relevant for both On-Premise and Retail customers.


Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc Masterclass

Be guided through the full-range of Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc from Private Bin to Single Vineyard - an opportunity to taste across the tiers and discuss the opportunity to upsell to higher price points.


Rum Co of Fiji -The Sleeping Giant of the Rum World

With rums crafted in Lautoka under the gaze of Sabeto Mountain, affectionately known as the Sleeping Giant, the Rum co of Fiji are here to take you on a quick trip to warmer climes with their family of brands. Collaborating with Black Pineapple, we’ll showcase the versatility and mixability of this category-driving rum brand.” Rum Workshop showcasing Ratu and Bati - 3 drinks Bati Dark, Bati Coconut - Ratu Signature. Partnering with Black Pineapple and Rory Donnelly – Rum Co Of Fiji Brand Ambassador, Francis Walker- CEO Black Pineapple.


Roku Seasonal Supper

Celebrating the seasonality of the 6 Japanese botanicals used in Roku Gin. Experience the importance ‘Shun’ to Japanese culture, using the bets ingredients when flavour and aroma is at its peak. Pairing with James Wilkinson, Executive Chef at Glasshouse, we will showcase the importance of seasonality in food and cocktail pairing.” Hosted by Rory Donnelly House of Suntory Brand Ambassador , James Wilkinson- Executive Chef- Glasshouse.



Monday 26 June


A unique tasting experience, exploring the fundamental differences of minerality in water across the globe and the effect this has on wine. Supported by Nautilus Wine and Antipodes Water. This unique water and wine tasting experience highlights all aspects of water minerality and the impact of water on your taste and the enjoyment of wine. This covers an in depth antipodes brand story an how the water compares to a number of international comparison waters. It offers sales tips and the value of antipodes water when providing the ultimate dining experience.


The low and no alcoholic drinks movement with Seedlip

Join Rebecca Caughey from Cook & Nelson as she explores the shift of the mindful consumer, meaning people are still wanting an incredible drink experience without the alcohol. Learn more about the 'no and low' drinks movement in New Zealand and the way Seedlip has created a category of non-alcoholic spirits.


Aperitivo & Italian Classics

Fancy being whisked away to Sunny Italy this winter? Join us for a comprehensive look through the Italian concept of Aperitivo and some classic cocktails. Brought to you by Aperol and hosted by Campari New Zealand National Brand Ambassador Stephen Burke, this session is a must for anyone wishing to be transported away!



Tuesday 27 June

Know more about tequila

Discover the different varieties of tequila, how they have been made, and how people should appreciate them.


An introduction to Steve Bird Wines

The Steve Bird range is their signature wine collection, loved by critics and wine loves around the world. Hand-selected parcels of grapes are crafted from award winemaker Steve himself, who brings over 30 years of experience and knowledge to winemaking. Each variety captures the specific quality of each vineyard’s exceptional location, with a philosophy that entrusts Aotearoa’s pristine environment and unique nature to do the rest.


Rums from Tahiti

It’s the first time Tahitian rum will hit the New Zealand market! Learn how this rum is made and join a guided tasting of aged rum and sugar cane rum made from molasses.