Auckland 2018

24-26 Jun, Sun–Tue 10am–5pm, ASB Showgrounds

Sharon Humphreys from the Packaging Council of New Zealand

Sharon Humphreys from the Packaging Council of New Zealand

Sharon has lead the Packaging Council since 2013.  An organization which represents the packaging industry as a key sector in the New Zealand economy, one that improves the utility and safety of products and underpins producers and manufacturers efforts to ‘add value’ in an export-dependent economy.  Independent analysis by KPMG puts the value of the New Zealand packaging industry at $3.9 billion and the latest 2017 Infometrics data shows that around six thousand businesses support 51 thousand employees.  Sharon is a passionate ambassador for the role packaging plays in a sustainable society, encouraging sensible debate around the contradictory position of packaging being both a waste preventer and a waste creator, strongly advocating for fact-based, evidence-driven solutions which take account of whole-of-life considerations.

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Tuesday 26 June
Packaging Council of New Zealand presents There’s more to packaging than meets the eye
10:30am-11:15am Silver Chef Seminar Series

Packaging touches everybody, every day. Passing through the hands of consumers fleetingly, there is little awareness of the complex decision process which ultimately determined the size, shape and material, not to mention the design decisions ensuring the packaging appeals to our tastes, our beliefs, our lifestyles and our health; and as if all those considerations weren’t enough thought will have been given to the value-add of the packaging such as convenience formats for preparation, usage, portion control, safety features, closure features, anti-tamper evidence, theft deterrent!!  In our changing world the packaging industry needs to manage these functionality expectations within a socially acceptable environmental framework. 


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