Auckland 2018

24-26 Jun, Sun–Tue 10am–5pm, ASB Showgrounds

J Punja NZ Limited

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J Punja NZ Limited

J Punja NZ Limited is a NZ Company owned by Mr Jagdish Punja. J Punja NZ Limited in 2014 took over the Import, Export and Wholesale distribution business of Punjas NZ Limited, which was a subsidiary of Punja Group Of Companies in Fiji.

Punja Group of Companies, where Jagdish Punja is also a shareholder, has been in business since 1935. Jagdish Punja was in employ with the Punja Group of Companies since 1998, then in 2010 joined Punjas NZ Limited and took over the operations in May, 2014.

New Products in Auckland 2018

Punjas Cabin Bread

Punjas Cabin Bread brings you the traditional taste back to its consumers. A large cracker used mainly during camping and by sailors at sea. Packed in a convenient 400g size consumer pack and 2kg and 4.5 kg pails.

Punjas Onion and Chives Crackers

Punjas Onion & Chives are deliciously light and tasty crackers, full of the fresh taste of onion and chives and baked to a crispy consistency. Only 100% vegetable oil is used with no artificial flavours or colours. A perfect cracker for any occasion - as a quick and tasty snack, or with your favourite savoury toppings and dips - party just waiting to happen!

Senso Chai Karak Instant Premix Tea

Senso Chai Karak Instant Premix Tea is a ready to drink chai,which come in different flavours with milk and sugar. Senso Chai Karak Instant Premix Tea also comes without sugar.

Fiji is home to some of the worlds most beautiful islands, tranquil rain forests and pristine coral reefs. However

Apart from worlds most beautiful Islands, tranquil rain forests & coral reefs, Fiji is also well known for its exceptionally pure and soft artesian drinking waters. Aqua Pacific Natural Mineral Water over several centuries had filtered through miles of prehistoric volcanic filters eventually accumulating in an underground "aquifer". An aquifer is an underground reservoir. An "artesian" well is sourced from an aquifer that is literally completely enclosed and pressurized. This water seeps in through small crevices & channels when tapped, this pressure will actually force it up to the surface under its own power or with limited pumping. This is the type of water source that accurately describes what the world now knows as Aqua Pacific Natural Mineral Water. It is rich in Silica & a high ph of 8. Available in 330ml, 600ml, 1L, 1.5L Bottles

Punjas Cookies

Punjas Chocolate Chip Cookies, made with REAL CHOCOLATE CHIPS, and are made using only the highest quality ingredients from around the world headed by premium Australian wheat milled into Punjas flour. There are no artificial flavours or colours used in recipes that ultilise 100% pure vegetable oil in the mix. Punjas Roasted Peanut Cookies, Full of FRESHLY ROASTED PEANUTS and made using premium Australian wheat milled into Punjas flour. There are no artificial flavours or colours used in recipes that ultilise 100% pure vegetable oil in the mix. Punjas Tropical Coconut Cookies, A tasty and exciting addition to the Punjas Cookies range is the Tropical Coconut Cookie bursting with the taste of coconut in a light and crispy cookie.

Punjas Roti

Punjas Tumeric Powder

Punjas Dhal Soup

Dhal Soup Mix is made of lentils and is highly nutritious, low in saturated fat, high in dietry fibre and excellent source of protein. It is easy to cook and perfect combination of legumes to eat in the summer with salads, spreads, bread or rotis and as an item on a vegetarian dinner plate.

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