Auckland 2021

13-15 Jun, Sun–Tue 10am–5pm, ASB Showgrounds

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BRC NZ - Insect Light, Far Infra Red Heating & Hygiene Solutions, by ALPECO Ltd.

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BRC NZ - Insect Light, Far Infra Red Heating & Hygiene Solutions, by ALPECO Ltd.

BRC NZ, by Alpeco Ltd.

We are a NZ owned, nationwide company that supplies UV Insect Light, Hygiene and heating solutions. Our aim is to raise the bar in providing 100% ECO friendly solutions & methods for hotels, restaurants, food & catering Industry and the private sector.
We provide solutions for insect light traps, rodent, hygiene and infra red heating, that enable food manufacturing, hospitality and catering businesses to maintain a pest free environment and meet food and hygiene standards. All our products have the option for your to have a fully serviced approach or a do-it-yourself approach. We are proud to be HACCP, Hi-Eco-Genic and Assure approved with our products and services.
Many of these will be, where the slightest evidence of pest or hygiene activity is totally unacceptable and may lead to loss of business.
What would you do, if you found out that the restaurant, hotel room or facility you stayed, had your meal at, wasn’t pest free?

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Specials in Auckland 2021

BRC Insect Light Solutions FlyinBox

BRC - FlyinBox 2x 20W UV Insect Light Blue/Stainless Steel 2x 20W 3 year warranty

15% Trade Show Discount RRP NZ$225.00, incl GST Trade price NZ$180.00, incl GST as long stock last!

BRC - 12pc Knife & Sissor Sanitizing Cupboard

KS12 PNZ 12pc - Knife & Scissor Sanitising Cupboard A new generation of knife sterilizer, completely automated. In compliance to HACCP regulations, BRC provides you with this innovation, total and perfect sterilization for your kitchen knives. Furthermore with zero risk of manual error as no programming is required and an auto-start mechanism activating when simply closing the door. When switched-on, the KS knife sterilizer automatically starts a 2h sterilization cycle and each opening/closing of the door systematically re-starts a new cycle. A green indicator light indicates that the knife sterilizer is switched on and a red light indicates that the sterilization cycle is in progress. An inclined knife rack increases the sterilizer’s capacity and also allows for all types and sizes of knives (a magnetic bar to hold the knives is also, et

15% Trade Show Discount RRP NZ$685.00, incl GST Trade price NZ$582.25, incl GST as long stock last!

New Products in Auckland 2021

Infra Red Heaters

BRC - InfraRed Heaters transfer energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. FAR InfraRed Ceramic Heaters radiate and both generate immediate pleasurable warmth in solid matter. Both type heaters can be used to heat interior or exterior spaces. InfraRed and Ceramic Heaters are essentially one of the most efficient heating solutions. They radiate waves and raise the temperatures of objects in their path directly, meaning there is no wasted energy. Heating objects and not the air therefore results in much more evenly heated spaces, whether outdoor or indoor. InfraRed heating also drastically reduces condensation, mould and mildew. Energy efficiency in it best form!

Far Infra Red Heaters Latest Ceramic Infra Red Heating Devices for Commercial and Domestic use

New technology, plus quality guarantee: BRC heaters surface is made of finned type special aluminum alloy, adopting unique tech; it creates an obvious energy-saving effect because of high electricity-heat efficiency & aero heating elements. Heating panel is covered by special NANO painting; far infra rays will be created after warming up, as efficiency reaches to 86%. Regenerative design, more energy-saving: BRC heater adopts reflective heat storage design of proprietary intellectual property rights, to increase more than 20% efficiency, showing the best energy-saving advantages. Far infrared heater is sort of warming with advantages of clean, safe, comfort, healthy and reliable, sun-like heating as the sun rises in the room, bringing glaring light of life. Far infrared heater is challenging traditional heating with its advantages of low carbon, energy-saving, eco-friendly, and becoming a new trend of healthy & comfortable warming style.

Commercial Heating NXG

The NXG 9,15 or 20kW electric space heater is one of the most technologically advanced heating devices manufactured by Inelco. It can be used as a portable device or after buying a dedicated wall mount as a stationary heater. The operation of the device is controlled by a microprocessor, which enables: precise keeping of the set room temperature digital control of the systems for work safety programming device off time (0-99h) programming device activation time (0-99h) It is intended for heating rooms: production rooms rest and refreshment rooms warehouses workshops garages shops offices houses greenhouses rooms in the service sector and agriculture sector rooms under construction, renovation and finishing works holiday homes Recommended as a supporting device in the drying process with the use of dehumidifiers and fans.

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