What is a LightSpeaker®? It's a product utilizing patented AudioLight® Technology. It’s an LED light and high quality speaker that installs like a light bulb, containing its own amplifier, fully dimmable LED light and speaker. It's unobtrusive, proven reliable, easy to install and delivers very high quality sound.
Designed to fit into the ceiling in place of existing recessed downlights, LightSpeaker may also be fitted to selected pendant downlights, table & floor lamps.
Designed by one of the USA’s leading acoustic engineers, LightSpeaker was developed to solve challenges of installing speakers in environments where running audio cable is either not cost effective or not possible.
With 10 channels of digital processing, LightSpeaker is affordable and practical in commercial environments such as bars and restaurants but equally so in home lounges.
A central transmitter sends music to each LightSpeaker simultaneously and this transmitter also adjusts the volume and light output.